Substitute Teaching Activities

Kindergarten - Grade 6
Grades 7 - 12
Action Words Westward Ho Changing History
A Foot of Fun Foreign Language Word Puzzles Hangman
Likenesses and Differences Fortunately - Unfortunately Linking Words
Categorizing Geography Activities Luxuries
Dictographs Industrial Arts Word Searches Mini Mysteries
Following Oral Directions Basic Math Computation Skills Thought Process Poetry
Pretending Computing Areas United States Map Activities
Exercise Measurements Analogies
Map Reading Science Crossword Puzzles Both Sides of the Argument
Pantomime Geography Activities Math Review
Grumpy The High and the Mighty Personal Opinion
Bug Numbers Social Studies/World History Crossword Puzzles Trigger Words
Fortunately, Unfortunately World Time Zones Twenty Questions
Parts of Speech Career Clusters Subject Trivia
Make a Map    
Crayon Rub    
Various Illnesses    
Acrostic Poetry    
Diamante for Holidays    
Follow Directions    
Guess the Object    
Crossword Puzzle    
Make Your Own Word Search    
My Awful, Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Bad Day    
Write a Recipe    
If I Were a...    
The Fifty States Wordsearch    
What If?    
Decoding Maps    
Using a Map Index    
Newspaper Nursery Rhyme    
Plant Plan    
Find the Missing Numerals    
Find the Treasure    
Guess Who/What    
Messages of the Past    
The "Peering Scope" Plan    
Rewriting History    
Time Zones    
Grid Categories    
Write a Riddle    
Yardstick of Human Behavior    
Latitude and Longitude    
"You Are There"    
Hidden Idol Treasure Hunt