Substitute Guidelines




EMERGENCY SUBSTITUTES: Emergency substitutes are highly trusted school patrons known by the school’s administration.  Emergency substitutes are on-call volunteers who assist the school when needed in infrequent and/or unforeseen circumstances.  They will substitute on a limited basis and will not be authorized as a long-term substitute, except if the Human Resources Administrator deems it in the best interest of the students.  An emergency substitute is also one who does not qualify with the minimum of 90 quarter hours or 60 semester hours of university credit.  An emergency substitute will be paid at the rate of $74.00 per day.


REGULAR SUBSTITUTES (with equivalent of an Associates Degree or higher):  Substitute will have at least 90 quarter hours or 60 semester hours of college credit verified by college transcripts.  Substitutes will be paid at the rate of $82.00 per day.

LICENSED SUBSTITUTES (with a current Teaching License):  Substitute will be paid at the rate of $90.00 per day.  Substitute will be allowed to work long-term assignments. 

RETIRED TEACHER SUBSTITUTES: Retired teachers from any Utah School District will qualify.  The retired teacher substitute will be paid $106.00 per day.

JSD CONTRACT/OFF TRACK SUBSTITUTES: JSD Contract/Off Track teachers will be paid at the rate of $118.00 per day. 

ALL SUBSTITUTE TYPES ON LONG TERM TEACHING ASSIGNMENTS: On the tenth consecutive day of a single assignment, the daily rate is increased by $10.00 per day and will be paid retroactive from the 1st day of the assignment. If you take days off during that assignment, you must have at least 10 days on both sides of the break.

Under current NCLB guidelines, Principals will have the responsibility of notifying parents that their child is being taught by a less than highly qualified teacher if they are using non-licensed substitutes for long term assignments.  This should greatly reduce the use of emergency substitutes unless it is truly an emergency situation.  It is understood that there are times when Emergency substitutes must be used by a school.  It is the Principal’s responsibility to recruit community members and form the emergency pool at the local school.

Jordan School District pays substitutes half day or full dayMore than four (4) hours constitutes a full day.

On rare occasions it may be necessary to cover a class with an Active Licensed Employee, an Instructional Assistant, or with a Substitute already substituting for another class. When this occurs they will be paid at the following rates:

ACTIVE LICENSED EMPLOYEE:  Teacher, Media Specialists, and/or Counselors. 
$29.50                     Coverage during conference period on A/B Block
$23.60                     Coverage during conference period on Trimester
$16.85                     Coverage during conference on 7 period-days
*Merged Classes (Substitute’s rate divided by percentage of students joining class.)

$118.00                   Full Day
$59.00                     Half Day
*Merged Classes (Substitute’s rate divided by percentage of students joining class.)

Instructional assistant’s regular hourly rate.
*Merged Classes (Substitute’s rate divided by percentage of students joining class.)


    Extra 5th Extra 7th Extra 8th  
  Emergency Substitute $14.80 $10.57 $18.50  
  Regular Substitute $16.40 $11.71 $20.50  
  Licensed Substitute $18.00 $12.86 $22.50  
  Retired Substitute $21.20 $15.14 $26.50  
  JSD Contract/Off Track Substitute $23.60 $16.86 $29.50  

*Merged Classes (Substitute’s rate divided by percentage of students joining class.)


Occasionally our substitute pool dwindles to the point that principals have to provide their own substitutes to cover a classroom. It is necessary that principals establish an emergency list of substitutes for each school.  The formation of this pool is the responsibility of the local school.  The school principal may recruit community members, or other people who are known to the school, who have a sincere interest in the well-being of the students and appear to have good rapport with that age group.  Regular substitutes (those who are on the District substitute list) cannot be emergency substitutes.   You may use assistants to cover a class only if there are no regular or emergency substitutes available.

The credentials required for substituting on a regular basis will be waived for this group.  The emergency substitute will not need a teaching certificate, college degree, or 64 quarter hours or 48 semester hours of college credit.   The emergency subs are to be used on a short-term basis for specified workshops or for one or two days at a time on an occasional basis.

Information needed by the Human Resource Department regarding the school’s emergency substitute pool follows:

  • Each emergency substitute must complete an I-9 Form (please be sure to put your school’s name in the upper left-hand corner). If the substitute has a Permanent Resident Card, or any other documentation required on the I-9, be sure to copy and send those to the Department of Human Resources, along with the other documents.
  • Each emergency substitute must complete a W-4 Form
  • Each emergency substitute must complete a JSD Equal Opportunity Employment Information Form, and an Emergency Contact Form.
  • Make a copy of the substitute's Social Security Card. The Social Security Card must be in the substitute's current name.  NOTE:  Any candidate with a social security card that begins with a 900 number is ineligible to work.
  • Forward all of the above necessary documents to the Substitute Office in the Department of Human Resources as soon as possible after obtaining them.
  • Emergency substitutes will be paid at the rate of $74.00 per day.  Emergency substitutes are selected by the principal at the local school.

Emergency substitutes are not required, however may attend the orientation class for regular substitutes.

ALL substitutes, including emergency substitutes, must be fingerprinted and have a cleared background. 

NOTE:  When reconciling an employee absence in Aesop, which was filled with an emergency substitute, always enter “EMERGENCY SUBSTITUTE” in the “Notes to the Administrator”.  Submit to the Substitute Office the Emergency Substitute’s:


Substitutes are a very important part in the total educational program in Jordan School District.  Because of this, we must be as concerned with the quality of their performance as we are with that of the regular teacher.

Substitute teachers are evaluated by the regular classroom teacher and/or principal using the Substitute Evaluation Report form, which is then forwarded to the Department of Human Resources’ Substitute Office for review.

At the request of a school’s principal, a substitute may be excluded (not retained) for any reason, or for no reason, from a single teacher’s classroom or the entire school.  If several exclusions occur for a substitute teacher, the Human Resource Administrator for Substitutes will contact the substitute teacher and discuss areas for improvement and future retention.

A substitute teacher is retained only as an independent contractor on a day-to-day basis.  There is no expectation of being called or utilized as a substitute teacher.   The fact that a substitute teacher has been retained on one occasion does not entail any expectation of further retention. 

A substitute teacher’s file and evaluations are confidential, the property of Jordan School District, and may not be reviewed by the substitute teacher.